• Clothing embroidery is long lasting and professional looking. It can be used onto almost any type of garment and will outlast the item it’s sewn onto.
  • Your logo will need to be ‘digitised’ which is the process of converting your design into stitches for the machine to embroider
  • We always email you a swatch photograph for you to check and approve prior to proceeding with the full order.
  • The cost of clothing embroidery and workwear embroidery is subject to the number of stitches in your logo. Therefore denser the design the more it will cost.


Clothing embroidery is the ideal alternative to printed garments especially for uniforms and workwear. It creates a highly professional look and is durable, so suitable for uniforms worn in an industrial setting.

Virtually any garment can be embroidered, from embroidered polo shirts to workwear embroidery, giving your employees that professional, uniformed look.

The embroidery technique used is quick and clean, thanks to modern digital intervention. Many companies that offer embroidery are now able to digitize your design or artwork thus making it easier to keep on file, and use again and again if you needed extra orders.

The pro’s of using workwear embroidery or promotional clothing is that firstly – it’s durable. As the embroidery is stitched, there will not be an issue with print fading. Another positive is that embroidered clothing can stand out more than a printed message on a t shirt. I’m not entirely sure why, but perhaps it is because it creates a more expensive look, sometimes printing a message onto clothing can look cheap, obviously dependant on the method of printing used as well, but I find that embroidery works best if you want something to last for a long time.

It’s not just workwear embroidery and uniforms that can be embroidered. For a marketing or promotional event – it really does work as people will see that you have gone the extra mile to be unique and choose quality embroidery as opposed to the regular, average promotional printed t shirt or top.

For example, to promote your new restaurant or bakery embroidered aprons would be a superb idea for a cooking competition that you have launched as a promotional stunt, just imagine personalised aprons that you will have competitors names and the restaurant name and logo on there together. I think embroidered aprons go really well together as there is a huge expanse of material that can be embroidered and can be made truly unique and personal thanks to the modern digital world of design and technology.

My end point is that clothing embroidery can really make a difference, and help make a difference to those special and important causes that you want people to remember for years and years to come.